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The Musalleen App pushes Musalleen to be more involved in their communities. In addition to donations, any notifications you send to your members will be viewable in their news feed. Perfect for your youth!

Musalleen Kiosk

The Musalleen Kiosk drives donations by attracting members and allowing them to swipe their card. It was designed for ease of use and is so simple even a Chacha can use it!

Musalleen Online Portal

Online pages custom to your Masjid which allow you to accept donations online as well as allow musalleen to register for classes/events online.

Musalleen Dashboard

This is your space and where the magic happens. You can do all your fancy admin stuff here.

Musalleen TV Display

Page which aggregates your Masjid Salat Times, announcements, and other useful at-a-glance information that you can put up full screen on a TV.

Musalleen POS

Portable POS that takes a SIM which you can take anywhere (maybe a fundraiser) to collect donations and allow people to register for classes/events.

Musalleen Kiosk Features

Designed for Simplicity and Speed.
Personal. Quick. User-Friendly.

Lose the Donation Box

The Musalleen Kiosk is a convenient way for users to donate through card right in your Masjid. Members can quickly choose their amount & category, swipe, and complete their donation within 30 seconds.

  • Recurring Donations
  • One-time Donations
  • Event Registration
  • Class Registration
  • Salat Times

Musalleen App Features

Designed with your members in mind.
Simple. Elegant. Engaging.

Secure Card Donations

Accept Donations directly and securely through the app so that your members can contribute without any hassle.

Push Notifications

Engage your members by sending them news on upcoming events, classes, announcements and more directly to their news feed.

Salat Times

Easily share updated Salat Times with your members by setting it once in your dashboard..

3 Click Donations

Send Donation Requests to your members to drive donations. They can donate within 3 clicks!

Group Notifications

Need to send notifications to only your Arabic class? No problem! Group notifications allow you to target a subset of your members.


Add your Masjid image and information to personalize your masjid in the Musalleen App.

Nexus 5 Feature
Nexus 5 Feature

What makes us better?

The Musalleen App was designed precisely and strategically to achieve one goal: User Engagement through Simplicity and User Centered Design.

Donations within our app can be possible with just 2 clicks. We added a third click just to ensure that no one donations accidentally. That is how easy donations are through the app.

Ease of donations translates to exponential donation flow.

  • 3-Click Donations
  • Reliable and secure platform
  • Engaging News Feed

Musalleen Dashboard Features

Designed for You.
User-Friendly. Elegant Design.

Where the Magic Happens...

The Musalleen Dashboard is where the magic happens. This is your space.

This is where you can view all your metrics and donation data. You can manage Donation categories, send Push Notifications, create notification groups, set Salat Times, add more Admins, and much, much more.

We recognize that everyone isn't an "IT guy." That's why we designed this for everyone.

Our App's Screenshots

Rich & Elegant design meant to engage your members and drive donations.

Customize your System

Use Free. Don't like it? 100% refund. No questions asked.

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Don't like it? 100% refund. No questions asked.

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The App is free for anyone to download. Just download the app and follow your Masjid if it's subscribed! Else, be sure to let them know to subscribe.

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